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Maldives travel


POPULATION- 5.16 LAKH (2018)

    IF you are beach lover,its one of the best place to visit in ASIA.
    The island is popular with honeymooners looking for seclusion and adventures looking to explore depths of sea on a scuba diving and snorkeling  excursion.

    travelers seeking relaxation can unwind at on of the island spas and all visitors should certainly spend a day exploring the MALDIVIAN CAPITAL OF MALE.

    The hostels in this region are spectacular,ranging from  underwater hotels to over water private bungalows.
    One of the world's most dispersed countries is made up of about 1200 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls spread over an area of 90,000 km² but it the smallest Asian country covers a land area of just 298 km², making it about the size of Malta or less than twice the size of Washington DC.

    The Maldives archipelago consists of 200 inhabited islands, 80 resort islands .
     The shallow waters result in the paradise style pictures that you will find all over the web. Now, if we think Maldives, we think about the beautiful one-island-resorts, villas on the sea, perfect honeymoons .

    what to do here  :-


    The Maldives is an absolute paradise for divers and snorkelers. 

    The waters around the islands are filled with very healthy corals and a lot of big marine life is practically guaranteed every dive. 

    A huge variety of dive sites are usually only a short distance from the island, making 2 fun dives a perfect half-day activity.

    While diving, we’ve seen schools of eagle rays, black tip, and white tip sharks, a leopard shark, sea turtles, schools of barracudas and other tropical fish, a manta ray. 

    The fun doesn’t end under water as we saw dolphins and a pilot whale during our surface interval. We dove with Maldives Passions and I can absolutely recommend them. 

    With 5 dives you get a good discount: we ended up paying approximately 40 dollars (Rs. 2,850) per dive.


    They offered a lot of water sports which make your trip memorable. Baibala is a very traditional sport in the Maldives.
    It's played by two teams,one inside the circle and other outside.
    The group outside must run into the ring, tag an opponent, and escape without being tagged in return. Any person tagged is disqualified from that round.
     It’s traditionally played following Eid-Al-fithur, and requires speed and agility. Check if there’s a tournament on while you’re there. 
    Or, if you see a group of kids playing, ask to join in!


    If you are lucky enough to be in  Maldives in November, make sure you join the annual Republic Day celebrations on November 11.

    There’s always lots of pomp and ceremony with speeches, parades, marches, and fireworks — and best of all, the events are usually all free.


    There is plenty of luxury resorts which you can experience on budget. 
    resorts sell day entry passes around 60 dollars (4,583 INR) including transport,food,drink.


    Male' is one of the world's smallest capital cities at just 2.2 square miles, but it packs in the people and sights. Top sights to check out in the capital city include:

    Republic Square: This green square is situated on the northern edge of Male' and lined with palm trees. The square was constructed in 1989 and features a flagpole with the nation's largest Maldivian flag waving proudly. This area is also a popular spot for locals to meet.

    The National Museum: After the Maldives became a republic, the country established the National Museum. Located in the former Sultan's Palace, the museum has preserved valuable relics since 1952. Here, visitors are treated to a display of regal objects, ornate attire, coins, royal sunshades, jewelry and thrones. There are even artifacts from the pre-Islamic era, almost 1,000 years ago. The National Museum welcomes visitors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; however, ticket sales conclude at 4 p.m.  The museum is just a short walk south of Republic Square.

    Sultan Park: Located adjacent to the National Museum, Sultan Park is an open green space for locals and visitors to enjoy. The park features sculptures, playgrounds, greenery and fountains, in addition to pathways for strolling and benches for when you need to rest. However, previous travelers warn that foreigners need to pay to enter the park. Some say the park is great if you're visiting with kids but otherwise underwhelming and not worth the entry fee. The park is open daily but various hours apply.

    As you meander along the city's thoroughfares, you'll also notice numerous mosques. Although you may want to venture inside, be cautious and polite: foreigners, particularly non-Muslim ones, are not welcome in some.


     If you wish to catch a glimpse of Maldivians' daily lives, look no further than the Male' Fish Market. This is the commercial epicenter of arguably the country's most important industry: fishing. 
    Here, the foot traffic peaks in the afternoon as fishermen from the entire country sail right up to the edge of the market and unload the daily catch. Tuna is the most popular fish for sale, but you'll find some other types as well. Visitors say watching the workers filet and clean the fish is impressive. You could even pick up some fresh fish for dinner, if you have a facility to prepare a meal. Though, some previous travelers warn communication may be difficult here as some Maldivian fishermen do not speak fluent English.

    There is no set opening and closing times for market, but you'll find the best selection in early morning and between 3 to 4 p.m. in the afternoon. 

    The Male' Fish Market is located along the inner harbor on the north side of the island, just west of Republic Square.


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